Used Garden Books

Looking for inspiration for your interior design or garden? Look no further than Venn + Maker's collection of books. With titles ranging from "Interior Inspirations" to "Glorious Gardens," our collection features some of the most breathtaking examples of design from around the world.

Interior Design Inspiration

If you're looking to add some style to your home, our collection of interior design and  inspiration gardens books is the perfect place to start. One standout title is "Interior Inspirations" by Rodger Banks, which showcases the work of some of the world's top designers. From sleek modern apartments to cozy country cottages, this book has something for everyone.

Another must-read book is "At the Water's Edge" by Stephen, which features stunning coastal homes and vacation properties. Whether you're a beach lover or simply looking for inspiration for your own waterfront retreat, this book is sure to spark your imagination.

Inspiration Gardens Design 

For those with a green thumb, our collection of garden design books is a treasure trove of inspiration. "Glorious Gardens" by Francesca Greenoak is a classic book that showcases some of the world's most stunning gardens, from sprawling estates to intimate city plots.

If you're specifically interested in Martha's Vineyard, "Martha's Vineyard Gardens and Houses" by Catherine Fallin is a must-read. This book showcases the island's unique blend of traditional New England style and lush, coastal landscapes.

Finally, for those seeking a more contemplative approach to garden design, "Zen Gardens" by Erik Borja provides a deep dive into the art of creating peaceful and meditative outdoor spaces.

Timeless Classics

Many of the books in our collection are timeless classics that have inspired designers and gardeners for generations. From "Glorious Gardens" to "Interior Inspirations," these books continue to be go-to resources for anyone looking to create beautiful and functional spaces.

Vintage Charm

In addition to contemporary titles, our collection also includes a selection of vintage books that offer a glimpse into design and garden trends of the past. "Martha's Vineyard Gardens and Houses" and "Glorious Gardens" are both available in vintage editions, providing a unique and charming perspective on these timeless topics.

Whether you're an interior designer, landscape architect, or simply someone who appreciates beautiful design, our collection of books is an essential resource. From classic titles to vintage gems, our books are sure to spark your imagination and provide inspiration for your next project.