Body Care

Your Sanctuary for Quality Artisanal Body Care Products

Immerse yourself in an experience of self-care that transcends the ordinary. At Venn + Maker, we proudly unveil our enchanting range of body skin care products – a unique assemblage of products that add a touch of luxury to your daily care routine.

Our body care product offerings are more than just items for personal hygiene. They are handcrafted tokens of love, promising an indulgence in self-care and rejuvenation you deserve. A sublime blend of quality, craftsmanship, and uniqueness – each product in our body care collection embodies our commitment to high-quality and handmade goods.

An Excursion into Natural Elegance

From refreshing facial squares, nourishing creams, and restorative rose tonic to an array of natural soaps and scented room sprays, our body care product selection is a treasure trove for the discerning customer. Handmade with the utmost precision and dedication, our body care collection includes:

  • Facial Squares – 2 Pack: Soft, gentle, and perfect for daily use, our facial squares are designed to provide a cleansing experience that is as luxurious as it is effective.
  • Face Cream: Infused with natural ingredients, our face cream assures hydration, nourishment, and a radiant glow.
  • Restoring Rose Tonic: This refreshing tonic will invigorate your skin and senses while working wonders on your complexion.
  • Hair + Body Oil: Enrich your hair and skin with the nourishing touch of our multipurpose oil.
  • Lux Floral Soak: Immerse yourself in a calming bath with our lux floral soak, promising relaxation like never before.
  • An assortment of Soaps and Room Sprays: Experience the natural goodness and fragrant charm of our carefully curated soaps and room sprays.

Venn + Maker's Artistry in Body Care

Born out of our mission to bridge the gap between makers, retailers, and customers, Venn + Maker is a testament to high-quality craftsmanship. We believe in the power of handmade, and our body care collection showcases this philosophy. Each product reflects our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and respect for the environment.

From our humble beginnings in a basement storage room, we have grown into a brand that values the beauty of handcrafted goods. Our selection of body care products is sourced primarily from Maine makers' studios, barns, and homes, underlining our commitment to supporting local artisans.

Affordable Quality that Echoes Uniqueness

We understand the desire for quality body care products that do not break the bank. At Venn + Maker, we offer affordable quality without compromising on uniqueness or craftsmanship. Our collection, therefore, mirrors our mission of providing reliable, unique, and small-batch products at reasonable prices.

Step into the world of Venn + Maker and explore our captivating collection of body care products. Let each product demonstrate our journey, vision, and unwavering commitment to delivering handcrafted quality. Welcome to a unique and wholesome self-care experience.