A Symphony of Craftsmanship: Merino Wool Coasters

At Venn + Maker, our extensive wool coasters collection pays homage to local artisans' creativity, finesse, and traditional craft skills. Being more than mere functional items, our coasters can become unique pieces of art that adorn your living spaces while preserving your surfaces.

Wool Felt Coasters: A Confluence of Quality and Artistry

Every wool felt coaster from our collection is a testament to the dedication and passion of our talented makers. Created from the finest Merino wool, these coasters are not just about aesthetics; they also showcase our commitment to promoting high-quality, handmade goods.

Our diverse collection features everything from the classic, elegantly simple Merino Wool Felt Coaster to creatively shaped items like the Merino Wool Felt Marijuana Trivet and the Merino Wool Felt Monstera Leaf Trivet. These serve as fun and quirky additions to your decor while maintaining their core function of protecting your surfaces. We also offer large Merino Wool Felt Trivets, perfect for larger dishes and pans, and the versatile Merino Wool Felt Placemat in a striking charcoal shade.

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Merino Wool Coasters: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

The distinct charm of our Merino Wool Coasters lies in their innovative design. Each piece seamlessly blends traditional wool felting techniques with contemporary design elements, resulting in trendy and timeless coasters. Beyond their eye-catching aesthetic, these coasters are also incredibly functional, absorbing moisture effectively to keep your surfaces dry and clean.

Art for Everyday Life

Our wool coasters are more than functional items; they are pieces of art that elevate your everyday life. The subtle textures, rich colors, and soft feel of Merino wool combine to create a sensory experience that's both practical and pleasurable.

Experience this fusion of form and function with Venn + Maker's collection. Embrace the joy of owning a piece that's been lovingly handcrafted, carrying a touch of Maine's vibrant artisan community into your home.

The Venn + Maker Difference

At Venn + Maker, our journey has been shaped by the following principles:

  • Handmade Quality: Majorly everything we offer is handmade, echoing the timeless tradition of craftsmanship. Our products are not mass-produced but rather made in small batches, ensuring that each item is unique and exclusive.
  • Collaboration with Makers: We collaborate closely with local makers to curate a collection of items that align with our vision of affordable quality. We value their skills, stories, and dedication to creating beautiful, practical goods.
  • Focus on Sustainability: We actively engage in practices such as repurposing and reusing, striving to build a sustainable business that values both the past and the future.

Venn + Maker is not just about selling products; we seek to form a bond between makers, retailers, and customers. It is where you will find art, home goods, jewelry, leather goods, and furniture that reflect your taste and lifestyle.

Step into our world of curated accessories, and experience the joy of owning a handmade Merino wool coaster.

Elevate Your Home Decor with Wool Essentials

Dive into the mesmerizing world of Venn + Maker's wool collection that echoes pure craftsmanship and attention to detail. These products encapsulate our dedication to creating beautiful decor and fostering a sense of community around artisan-made items.

A World of Wool: Coasters, Placemats, and More

Understanding the nuanced difference between a trivet vs coaster is crucial in selecting the perfect product for your needs. While coasters are designed primarily for drinks, protecting surfaces from potential rings or spills, trivets serve a bigger purpose. They're generally placed beneath hot dishes or pots to protect your surfaces. Our collection spans both coasters & trivets and offers you choices to fit any requirement. Revel in the intricate designs of felted wool coasters or explore the utility and elegance of wool placemats.

The Felted Marvel: A Touch of Softness, A Dash of Protection

Wool felt coasters are known for their soft texture and their uncanny ability to protect your furniture from unwanted drips or heat. Our coasters and trivets are handmade, ensuring each product's uniqueness and impeccable quality. The selection of wool felt placemats in our collection isn't just about aesthetics but also underlines our commitment to high-caliber, handcrafted goods.

Wool: A Timeless Choice for Modern Living

From felted wool coasters to elegantly crafted wool placemats, our collection embraces the old-world charm of wool, transforming it into modern-day masterpieces. Each product seamlessly resonates with the ethos of Venn + Maker: commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability, and community.