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We love collaborating with makers to create small-batch, high-quality products, and we are now inviting you to become part of the process. Workshop is about producing handmade goods that are pre-funded by you at a discounted price. This method of production is more efficient for us and our makers and gives you an opportunity to participate in our design process.

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Guenola Lefeuvre

Guenola Lefeuvre’s interest in pottery was sparked at a young age when she convinced her art teacher to let her into an upper level ceramics class her freshman year of high school. The only catch was she had to use the only remaining kick-wheel while the rest of the class learned on the newer electric wheels. Today, Guenola still uses the kick-wheel her grandmother gifted her for graduation in her home studio in Yarmouth, Maine. 

Guenola works in porcelain, a fine, white clay that vitrifies at high temperatures, making it non-absorbent. She is passionate about working in porcelain because of its durable and unpredictable nature, but also because of what she describes as its memory. A cup that falls on its side before firing, and is reshaped, will remember its fall while in the kiln and the final product will show the impact of the fall. In a way, porcelain remembers its history, and it’s this sense of character that draws Guenola to porcelain clay. 

Each of Guenola’s pieces are functional and sculptural. She transforms the surfaces of her pieces with texture meant to mimic one’s sensory experience in nature. To create this texture, Guenola uses two techniques: sgraffito and carving. Sgraffito involves applying a matte black underglaze, allowing it to dry, and then lightly etching into the surface to reveal the white clay beneath. Carving involves deeper strokes, removing more of the porcelain and creating a more pronounced texture. Guenola creates sets of similarly carved and glazed pieces as well as one-of-a-kind objects. 

In September 2018, Guenola started selling her work at Venn + Maker. When we launched our Workshop at the beginning of 2019, we knew we wanted to feature Guenola in Workshop. Her work is unlike any other pottery we have come across in Maine and beyond, her pieces are works of art and conversation starters. Her materials create pieces that are durable, food safe, and versatile. 

The two pieces we are releasing for this Workshop represent Guenola’s two primary techniques, sgraffito and carving. We chose tumblers because we love how their textured surfaces feel in your hands, and for their many uses. They are perfect for any beverage, they are great for holding little knick knacks like jewelry or hair clips, and we also love how they look as planters or pencil and pen holders. Choose from the carved cobalt blue and white tumblers or the matte black and white sgraffito tumblers. 

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Cobalt Blue Carved Porcelain Tumblers

Pre-sale: $32  |  Regularly: $40

A rich cobalt blue glaze is applied and then wiped away, revealing parts of the white clay beneath. Porcelain is durable and versatile by nature, making these cups perfect for a variety of uses from tea cup to pencil holder. 

(Pre-sale Ends October 29th)

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Floral Sgraffito Tumblers

Pre-sale: $32  |  Regularly: $40

The base is carved with a simple horizontal texture contrasting against a band of matte black glaze featuring an etched floral design. These cups work beautifully as a set or as stand alone pieces, and we love using them for everything from drinking cups to mini planters. 

(Pre-sale Ends October 29th)

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Workshop FAQs

Workshop will crowd fund new products on a regular basis.

Products will always be offered at a pre-funded discount of 20% until the funding round has been completed.

Products will ship for delivery within 3-4 weeks of purchase.

All items in Workshop will be produced to fulfill all purchases.

Thank you for your interest in Workshop, if you have any questions please call 207.835.0590 or email us.