Pouches Online – Unleash the Charm of Portable Organization

Experience the comfort of easy organization with our handpicked assortment of small pouches. Here at Venn + Maker, we believe in the beauty of functionality blended with style. Each of our pieces, mostly handcrafted, epitomizes a fine balance of practicality and aesthetics.

The Magic of Mini Pouches

Whether it's about keeping your cosmetics intact or making sure your change doesn't get lost in the depths of your bag, our mini pouches are your stylish companions. Beautifully crafted with attention to every detail, they provide an effortless solution for storing your essentials. From our captivating Suede Clutch with its durable zipper closure to our Cream Leather Pouch, perfect for carrying makeup or digital accessories, there's a little something for every need.

Leather to Love

Like all our leather products, our Leather Clutch and Leather Dopp Kit are made with 100% genuine soft leather. Their vibrant color options like Red, Olive, Black, Brown, and Sand are the products of our meticulous artisans' skill. With their durable saddle leather handle, gold YKK zipper, and long leather tassel on the zipper, these pouches are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing.

An Ode to Beauty – Cosmetic Bags

Our cosmetic bag serves multiple purposes. You can use them to store your makeup, phone chargers, or even art supplies. Available in three different faux leather colors, these bags are just as perfect for the globetrotter as they are for everyday use at home.

Wallet Pouches – A Blend of Elegance and Function

Our Wallet Pouch Thin and Leather Wallet Pouch are hand-made marvels hailing from London. These versatile accessories can serve as a wallet, coin purse, card holder, or ditty bag for anything needing organization. Available in various designer colors and unique closure options, they're ready to add a touch of class to your daily routine.

Hand-Weaved Wonders

The Woven Zip Pouch, made through the intricate process of hand-weaving, is a testament to the traditional craft. Comprising a warp and weft interlaced at 90 degrees, these pouches manifest the skilled weavers' tireless efforts.

Venn + Maker – Makers of Timeless Pieces

Since its inception in 2016, Venn + Maker has forged connections between makers, retailers, and customers. We believe in the value of high-quality, handmade goods and the talented makers behind them. Majorly everything we offer is handmade, from our raw materials to our finished products. Each piece reflects the essence of its maker.

We've been refining our collection over the years to align with our vision more closely. Our commitment to providing our customers with a reliable selection of unique, small-batch products remains unwavering. Discover the world of affordable quality with Venn + Maker and experience the charm of our handcrafted pouches online.