Hollywood & Maine 8oz Candle
Hollywood & Maine 8oz Candle
Hollywood & Maine 8oz Candle
soy candle tin - 8 oz

Hollywood & Maine 8oz Candle

"I’ve always loved candles, love a beautiful gift boutique, and I embrace anything regionally inspired and especially luxurious. Hollywood & Maine began on one of my hiatuses from my work as a Hollywood Costume Designer. While at home with my husband in Maine, co-owner of a lobster wholesale company on the coast in Kittery, I started to think about how meaningful our lives are – on both coasts. We spend a lot of time in Hollywood, and in Maine, which keeps it a little glam (when in Hollywood) and a little down to earth (when in Maine)."

Sea Salt & Sea Roses - Sea roses and the fresh salt air

Malibu's Endless Summer - Coconut with hints of pineapple

Snowy Owl Magic - A rich blend pepper and cedar wood

Blooming on Sunset on Blvd - Authentic to blooming jasmine, sweet and rich in fragrance

Maine Wintertide - A beautiful blend of pine and snow

Materials: soy
Volume: 8 oz
Dimensions: 3.25 x 2 inches