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Face Cream
Face Cream
Face Cream
Face Cream

Face Cream

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OUR WATER-FREE FACE CREAM IS PACKED WITH HEALING HERBS, FRANKINCENSE, MYRRH, + NUTRIENT-RICH OILS. Frankincense + myrrh resins + herbs, are slowly simmered over low heat in argan oil, rosehip oil, + shea butter to extract their nutrients.​ 

Frankincense improves tone + elasticity, + is a great defense against bacteria + blemishes. Myrrh is great for a youthful complexion, smoothing fine lines. Rosehip and argan oils, both high in linoleic acid to plump + protect skin. Local Maine beeswax acts as a wonderful humectant + barrier to lock in moisture.

Directions:  After cleansing face, spritz RESTORING ROSE TONIC evenly on face and neck. While face is still damp with tonic, apply small amount of FACE CREAM to face and neck. Massage the cream into the tonic.

For a lighter daytime moisturizer, apply a higher ratio of tonic to cream. For a richer nighttime moisturizer, apply more cream only.

Ingredients: argan oil*, rosehip oil*, shea butter*, local Maine beeswax, frankincense resin*, myrrh resin*, calendula*, yarrow+, chamomile*.

*Certified Organic

+Organic or Wildcrafted 

Volume: 1 oz