wooden stirring spoon - kitchen utensils - sustainably made in Sri Lanka
coconut palm stirring spoons - long skinny spoon - handmade in Sri Lanka - household goods
handmade stirring spoons from Sri Lanka - made of coconut palm wood

Coconut Palm Wood Stirring Spoon

Coconut palms are one of the most abundant trees in the world, and yet, very rarely do we see its wood used in the United States. A big reason for this is that the tree grows in a very different manner from the woods we typically use. It has no defined gran pattern and is neither a hardwood nor a softwood, but instead has hard fibers embedded in a softer surrounding wood.  This all means is it can be hard and unpredictable to work with and leaves it generally ignored by American woodworkers. Luckily, our shop was able to find these unique spoons in Sri Lanka, where coconuts have been a staple for centuries and palm wood is becoming increasingly popular.

Dimensions: 8.0 x 1.0 inches

Made in: Sri Lanka