vintage french navy duffels - world war II navy - travel bags - white canvas - sailors - antiques
beckett street lifestyle - vintage Navy duffle - French - World War II - portland, ME - munjoy hill
lifestyle image of the vintage navy duffle - World War 2 travel bag - French - sourced in Maine
side handle of the french navy duffel from World War II - vintage product - detail shot
metal clip closure on the vintage french navy duffel - world war II - sailors' bag - white canvas

Vintage French Navy Duffles in White

Found at an antique dealer in Maine, these travel bags are vintage World War II French Navy duffels. Made out of white canvas, these bags still show traces of the names of the sailors who carried them. The feature a shoulder strap with a metal clip closure, and a small side handle for easy carrying. 

Each bag is one of a kind.

Materials: canvas

Dimensions: 29.0 x 12.0 inches

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