Tiny Bowl with Blue Squares
Tiny Bowl with Blue Squares

Tiny Bowl with Blue Squares

Guenola's handmade functional pottery is created from porcelain, then fired to 2300 degrees in a kiln to ensure vitrification of the clay. Vitrified clay is similar to glass-- strong, dense, and watertight. All the glazes she uses are food safe and lead free, and all pottery is dishwasher safe but you should avoid microwaving.

Handmade ceramics are different from what you purchase at name brand stores. Switching to handmade dishes is a great idea but there are some important things to know.

Microwave: Use of the microwave is not advised. Please take care to protect your tableware from radical temperature changes to avoid cracks and breakage due to thermal shock. Allow for gradual temperature change as pottery can crack or break.

Rough Bottoms: The un-glazed bottoms of handmade ceramics can be rough. Avoid dragging it across your century old antique table.

Dimensions:  2.5" x 1.5"

Material: Carved Porcelain