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The Artisan Hammer in Cherry with brass - handmade wooden tools - studio89 - Maine
The Artisan Hammer
The Artisan Hammer
The Artisan Hammer
brass artisan hammer - handmade in Maine by Studio 89
The Artisan Hammer - Ash & Brass - handmade in portland, me
The Artisan Hammer
walnut and brass artisan hammer - handmade in Maine - woodworkers - tools
brass and walnut hammer - handmade tools - fine wood working
The Artisan Hammers - Ash, Walnut, Cherry & Brass
The Artisan Hammers - Ash, Walnut, Cherry & Brass

The Artisan Hammer

Sleek and elegant, the Artisan Hammer was created by Nondas Iacovou of Studio89 for finish work on furniture and upholstery. We love using these hammers for hanging art in our gallery due to their weight and balance. They also make elegant paperweights and decorative pieces.

Studio89 is a local, fine furniture business owned and operated by Melissa and Nondas Iacovou. All of their work is designed and handcrafted in their shop in Maine. They create furniture and home decor that is equally beautiful as it is functional. Inspired by nature, they embrace the unique character of each tree and incorporate its features into their designs.

"Wood is a beautiful, living material and each piece has something to say. The language of the tree comes through in its grain, color, shape, and hardness.

Our process aims to translate this statement into a clear expression.

Our contribution in this collaboration is our aesthetic sense in the context of ergonomics, dimensions, proportion, and craftsmanship through traditional construction techniques.

We try not to overpower the tree’s story, but to place it in the forefront.

The wood is the star and we are the back-up singers. It guides us in all that we do."

Materials: ash, cherry, or walut with brass

Dimensions: 10 inches x 2 inches x .5 inch

Weight: 0.25 pounds

This item is currently part of Workshop, our crowdfunding program for creating in-house product. Workshop offers discounts to customers during pre-production. Visit Workshop for more information.