Stoneware Shot Cup in sage - bluff point collection - the shot glass reimagined
Stoneware Shot Cup in turquoise - pottery made in Maine - handmade kitchen ware - household goods
Get your drink on with our Stoneware Shot Cup - This is not your daddy's shot glass.
handmade pottery shot glass - stoneware - bluff point collection - made in Maine
stoneware shot cups - group shot - collection image - bluff point collection - shut glass - handmade pottery
The Stoneware Shot Cup - the shot glass reborn in handmade stoneware
Stoneware Shot Cup - birds beak blue - pottery - bluff point collection
Stoneware Shot Cup - blue rutile - pottery made in Maine - handcrafted kitchenware
seascape shot cup - tracy adams pottery - bluff point collection
Stoneware Shot Cup in woodland - food safe glaze - pottery made in Maine
persimmon shot glass - Stoneware Shot Cup - bluff point collection - pottery

Shot Cup

The shot glass reborn. Our Stoneware Shot Cup is the perfect 2 ounce pour and the new essential for enjoying your favorite beverage. Put it in the freezer for a chilled experience that lasts. Available in 9 colors.

Every piece of our stoneware is thrown (shaped/made) and glazed (colored) by hand, so slight variances in sizes and coloring are to be expected.

Dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe. 

Made in Maine. 

Dimensions: width: 2.0 inches  x  height: 2.0 inches

Weight: 0.8 oz