Black + White Cup | Blue Bubble Accent
Black + White Cup | Blue Bubble Accent

Black + White Cup | Blue Bubble Accent

Made of durable stoneware ceramic, these white and black cups feature bubbly blue accents. They are the perfect size for a cup of tea with a friend. White stoneware clay is glazed with glossy white, matte black, and light blue food-safe glazes. 

Food safe.

Sold individually.

Materials: stoneware ceramic 

Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.5 inches

Creator: Dominique Johnson

Dominique Johnson is a ceramic artist based in Québec City. Her work is guided by a concern for balance between shapes and colors, reliefs and textures. The results are devoid of any superfluity and reveal themselves in the unexpected. They punctuate space like a comma in a sentence. 

Dominique’s 30 years of professional linguistic revision and publishing management have informed and shaped her artistic practice. Her tumblers speak of linen, transparency, and beloved words while her votives illuminate the night like stars. With reserve, Dominique throws, molds, and shapes pots, vases, oilers, bowls, and votives, combining lines and colors into forms of dazzling simplicity.