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gold herkimer diamond necklace - delicate gold plated chain - lobster clasp - gold filled beads - women's jewelry
Herkimer Diamond Necklace
diamond necklace - gold plated chain - delicate - lobster claw clasp - handmade jewelry from Portland, Maine
close up image of the silver herkimer diamond necklace - silver beads - delicate chain - simplistic jewelry
herkimer diamond necklace - stones - silver - jewelry by stellarcreature of portland maine

Herkimer Diamond Necklace

Delicate and crystal clear, Herkimer diamonds are paired with gold or silver beads on a thin gold or silver plated chain. These necklaces are 16.5 inches long and are finished with a lobster clasp. They are handmade in Maine by Catherine Knott.

"Herkimer diamonds are known for their ability to manifest pure, solid light. They are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. Since they are double terminated, they have the ability to both transmit their own energies and also receive spiritual energy."

Materials: gold-plated chain, gold-filled beads, herkimer diamonds

Dimensions: 16.5 inches