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Diamond + Triangle Drop Earrings

These geometric dangle earrings are part of the On the Nile Collection created by Sharon Herrick, and are inspired by the jewelry worn by the civilizations supported by the Nile River. They feature 24k gold-plated brass diamonds and triangles and 14k gold wire backs. Their simple and modern design make them perfect for everyday wear or for dressing up and evening look. Made in Maine.

“Sharon Herrick, the owner and designer behind Illuminated Me, is a lifelong advocate of social justice. After earning a Masters Degree in Social Work and spending years working in Various social change efforts including filmmaking, advocacy for elder justice, and refugee healthcare, Sharon founded Illuminated Me to honor, celebrate, and support the unique histories, cultures, and traditions of those she holds dear to her."

Materials: 24k gold plated brass, gold-filled wire

Dimensions: 3.0 inches

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