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Dark Green Resin Pendant Earrings

Dark Green Resin Pendant Earrings

Hand mixed and poured resin pendants with 24K gold plate findings and 14K Gold Filled Ear-wires.

"We create our resin pieces with a 2 part liquid resin that is produced in the U.S. As many artists know, resin is a fickle material. When we receive the bottles, we store them in a temperature and humid controlled unit. When it comes time to create, we prepare our metal bases on custom trays (that allow us to easily remove the pieces after they have cured). Since there is a very short window to use mixed resin before it hardens we have to work quickly and carefully. We add tiny amounts of specialized colorant to achieve myriad shades of primary colors. We use wooden toothpicks and popsicle sticks to spread the resin on the metal bases. For some pieces, we pour multiple layers over several hours. Cure times vary from 3-7 days. Once they are cured, we add earwires, chains, charms, pearls and other stones to make a complete piece of jewelry."

Dimensions: 1.5"