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Akakpo symbol glass - hope in white - glassware - Ghanaian heritage
Akakpo symbol Glasses - Ghanian symbols - glassware - white - collection shot
endurance symbol glass in white - glassware - drinking cup
friendship symbol glass in white - traditional Ghanaian symbology
greatness symbol glass in white - glassware - home goods
loyalty symbol glass in white - closeup image - adinkra
patience symbol glass in white - traditional ghanaian symbols
only god glass in white - Ghanaian traditional symbology - home goods
strength symbol glass in white - home goods - made in Maine - glassware
unity symbol glass in white - Ghanaian symbols - made in Maine

Symbol Glass - white

Available for in store pickup or, we'll ship it to you.

These 12oz glasses feature traditional Ghanian symbols called Adinkra. The traditional symbology of Ghanaian heritage inspire unique designs that carry personal and cultural power. 

Dimensions: 2.5 inches x 6.0 inches