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The Woodland Stoneware Coffee Mug - Handmade in Maine
Stoneware coffee mugs. Handmade in Maine - pottery - handmade - collection shot
the stoneware coffee mug in sage with nautical charts - made in maine - handmade pottery
stoneware coffee mug in birds beak blue - handmade pottery in maine - household goods
forest green coffee mug - bluff point collection stoneware - handmade pottery
stoneware mug in persimmon - coffee cup - front view
stoneware coffee mug in seascape - household goods - kitchenware - handcrafted pottery

Coffee & Tea Mug

Our Stoneware Coffee and Tea Mug is the perfect mug for your first cup of coffee or tea of the day. It holds 12 ounces of your favorite beverage with a handle big enough to grab comfortably. These handmade mugs keep beverages hot or cold (we love drinking water from stoneware) for long enough to relax and enjoy your morning. Available in 6 colors.

Every piece of our stoneware is thrown (shaped/made) and glazed (colored) by hand, so slight variances in sizes and coloring are to be expected.

Dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe. 

Made in Maine. 

Dimensions: width: 3 inches  x  height: 4 inches

Weight: 1 pound