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etched amber and celadon porcelain mug - local pottery - coffee cup - kitchenware
Etched Amber Mug
carved porcelain amber mug - celadon glaze - glossy finish - squared bottom
squared bottom mug - carved porcelain - handmade in Maine

Etched Amber Mug

Handmade in Maine, this one of a kind mug is by Guenola Lefeuvre. It has a glossy, celadon glaze with amber accents and white porcelain highlights. Its' surface is textured and it features a squared bottom with a rounded top.

Guenola Lefeuvre is the self-taught ceramicist behind Textured Porcelain. She has been working with clay since a young age, and now works full time teaching and selling her work in a variety of venues. Lefeuvre’s process involves carving her pieces with textures inspired by nature. She high fires her work to create functional yet sculptural pieces, that are completely unique. Lefeuvre carries her pottery with her on many outdoor adventures and enjoys photographing it amidst nature.

Food safe.

Medium: carved porcelain

Dimensions: 5.25 x 3.50 x 4.25 inches

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