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dove gray beaker vase - stoneware ceramics
Ceramic Beaker Vase
stoneware ceramic beaker vase - unglazed and watertight
Ceramic Beaker Vase
textured gray beaker vase - handmade ceramics from Maine
stoneware ceramic beaker vase - textured
Ceramic Beaker Vase
black and white speckled beaker vase - handmade in Maine from stoneware ceramics
Ceramic Beaker Vase
Ceramic Beaker Vase

Ceramic Beaker Vase

Handmade ceramic beaker vase in unglazed stoneware. This vase is perfect for small bouquets and its cinched neck easily holds flowers upright. Its raw texture feels good in the hand, reminding one of the experience of holding a stone. Durable yet simplistic and modern, the beaker vase is available in soft dove gray, speckled gray, and speckled black and white.

Water tight and food safe.

Each vase is unique so variations are to be expected. 

Materials: unglazed, watertight, stoneware

Dimensions: 5.0 x 5.0 inches

Creator: Heather Stewart Harvey 

Heather Stewart Harvey is a local potter who works in unglazed stoneware. She has always had a love of natural stone surfaces, and her work is inspired by the rocks she finds while exploring various natural landscapes. Her pots are unglazed so when one holds them, they may experience the tactile quality of clay that draws her to this medium. Heather’s pieces are meant to serve a purpose, whether that be holding a bouquet of flowers or a bowl of fruit, but also stand on their own as sculptural works of art. 

“I make pots because I love the way I feel at the wheel: challenged, intent, curious, driven. I also make pots because I love the way I feel when I fail: undone, disappointed, obsessed, determined.”